The Beloved Daughter of God Workshop

A workshop/retreat for women who want to experience more of God

     These half-day workshop/retreats are offered occasionally throughout the year on a Saturday, at various churches in the San Diego County, by invitation.

This is for women who desire a deeper relationship with God. My team and I each act out a woman from Scripture, share our own personal testimony, and teach a spiritual practice that we all do together as a large group. Time is allowed for silence and solitude with God, and also for debriefing and sharing  in a small group.

     We invite you to come rest in His presence, rest in His love and discover how deeply God loves you. He longs for a deep relationship with you. Discover your uniqueness as the beautiful woman He created you to be so you can have more joy, peace and freedom to fulfill your purpose.


Please see Calendar for our next workshop/retreat.