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Spiritual Direction

   Spiritual direction is more about spiritual companionship or accompaniment, not about being directed. In our busy lives, sometimes we miss how God is active and present in our lives. A Spiritual Director offers listening, compassion, and open-ended questions to help one see and draw attention to God’s loving presence.

     In Spiritual Direction, you reflect deeply on the experiences of your daily life. Gradually, as you reflect, you may begin to recognize God’s presence and grace in your life. You may become aware of how God ‘s spirit is truly with you every day and everywhere. You hopefully will be able to discern what draws you closer to God and what draws you away from Him. Hopefully you will discover how deeply God loves you and has been waiting for you to seek this closer relationship.

You might come to Spiritual Direction for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Identify and trust your own experiences of God

  • Deepen your prayer life

  • Discernment: making choices

  • Share struggles, losses and disappointments

  • Share gratitude and celebrate gifts received from God

  • Learn spiritual practices that deepen your relationship with God

  • Become more self-aware, especially in your relationship with God

  • Learn practices that deepen the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness and self-control.

     Spiritual Direction is not therapy, as there is no fixing or problem solving. It is not a replacement for therapy and yet can be a positive addition for those who choose to use it with therapy.

     Spiritual direction takes place in the context of safe, confidential, one-on-one sessions usually once a month for an hour. My office is located in Tierrasanta.

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