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Anne Richardson

   I have been a Christ follower all my life. Through a mid-life crisis, is where I drew much closer God. The pain I felt led me to therapy where I discovered how my childhood wounds affected me. I was molested by my friend’s father as a little girl. Although therapy was necessary and insightful, deeper healing has come from God by engaging in spiritual practices.


   After a time of healing, I started sharing my story and then other survivors shared their stories with me. Gathering these stories, with permission, along with many spiritual practices that heal, I wrote two books, called Not Alone. My passion is to see survivors become freer internally, to be the person God created them to be.


 As a Spiritual Director, it brings me great joy to come alongside others who desire to draw closer to and experience more of God in their lives.  Some years ago, I was searching for a deeper relationship with God. I felt something was missing and that there was more meaning to life. This led me to Spiritual Direction, where I discovered how much God truly loves and desires an intimate relationship with me. After retiring as an audiologist, I became certified as a Spiritual Director. I moved from helping people hear their external world to listening to their internal world. I approach spiritual direction more like spiritual companionship, offering encouragement and listening, and asking open-ended questions to help one draw closer to God.

    I know what it is like to long for a deeper relationship with God. I know what it is like to long for deeper healing and freedom from trauma. There is hope for you. Please contact me to come alongside you on your journey with God.





  • M.S. in Audiology: Idaho State University 1982

  • Certificate in Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Direction: CFDM: Christian Formation and Direction Ministries of San Diego 2011.

  • Certificate in Supervision: Mercy Center Burlingame in 2014




  • ESDA: Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association

  • SDI: Spiritual Directors International




  • Spiritual direction with women and supervision with spiritual directors (Zoom available).

  • Training for Spiritual Directors on Accompanying Survivors of Trauma

  • Workshops for those who accompany survivors of trauma

  • Small groups: Not Alone

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