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Experiencing God's Love Through Israel

A Pictorial Devotional

  This book takes you on a unique journey through Israel with 60 days of Anne's personal photos and spiritual practices that encourage you to draw closer to God. Through heartwarming stories and engaging narrative, Anne lays out a beautifully convincing case of how lavishly God loves each one of us, personally. Woven through each devotion are spiritual practices that help you cultivate an intimate relationship with the Divine; one free of shame and full of hope. 

Available in Color Paperback, Black & White Paperback, and Kindle Editions from Amazon


Not Alone

Transforming Trauma and

Accompanying Survivors

   Trauma can create an emotional wound that robs one of living more of the abundant life: love, joy, peace, courage, and internal freedom. If you or someone you love has experienced trauma, there is hope. You are not alone.

   This book is divided into two parts. In Part One, Anne shares her story along with true stories of other survivors with whom she has journeyed. Biblical stories that demonstrate God’s extravagant love are woven throughout the book. Various spiritual practices, which allow the slow, healing transformation of God, are included at the end of each chapter. 

    Part Two is written for priests, pastors, ministry leaders, family and friends who want to come alongside trauma survivors. With reports of abuse all over the news, more people are sharing their traumatic stories. Many have shared the hurtful things people have said and done, which unintentionally can deepen the pain. Anne gives insightful and practical tips for those who accompany trauma survivors on their healing journey.

Now on Sale!  Kindle $4.99  Paperback $10.99

Trauma book
Not Alone 1 book

Not Alone

A Christ-centered recovery process for women who

have experienced physical, emotional or sexual trauma


As a spiritual director and leader of Not Alone groups, I have journeyed with many women who desire healing and deeper relationships with God.   Sadly, many women tell me they know in their heads that God loves them but deep down, they don’t really believe it in their hearts. This is especially true for those who have experienced trauma. However, I have witnessed women transform into the beautiful women God created them to be. Know that there is hope for you as well.

The Not Alone process will help you:


  • Know more fully in your heart and soul that you are deeply loved by God.

  • Understand how trauma has affected your relationship with God and yourself, which affects your relationship with others.

  • Gain insight into the manifestations of trauma such as: trust issues, shame, overreacting in anger, fear, worry, anxiety, addictions and broken relationships.

  • Gain wisdom from Biblical stories and testimonies from survivors of trauma.

  • Learn various spiritual practices and prayers that allow God’s healing transformation.

Not Alone is now available from Amazon here.

Now on Sale!  Paperback Workbook $14.99

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The Southern Cross


Vol. 108 No. 8                        August 2019

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