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Anne Marie Richardson

Author, Spiritual Director, Workshop Presenter, Leader of Not Alone Groups.

I create the space for survivors of trauma to learn spiritual practices that allow God’s healing transformation.

Not Alone is a Christ-centered process for those who have experienced trauma and desire deeper healing from God. My books teach you spiritual practices and tools that allow you to grow closer God and live freely as the person you were created to be. Not Alone helps you to be healthy emotionally and have healthy relationships by becoming freer of the manifestations of trauma.

Not Alone Group provides the benefit of learning these spiritual practices and tools in a small, safe group of women. Journeying with others is healing and confirms that you are not alone.


Not Alone gave me the accountability through daily spiritual practices to really encounter Jesus and to see just who God is and what I meant to Him. These practices and the deep relationship  with our Lord brought me the courage to face the lie I had sold myself - that I had become shameful because of the actions of my uncle.   Lisa B.


I did a similar exercise with my therapist but doing the practices in Not Alone were more healing because Jesus was with me.  Carol K.


I was a victim of a violent rape. For years I suffered in shame and fear. I lacked confidence. The teachings and practices on shame and fear spoke to me so loudly. I know the internal changes that were made in me, because of God and this group, will be long lasting.  Julie H.



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