The Beloved Daughter of God

A Christ-centered closed group for women who desire to deepen their relationship with God

     This group was created out of the workshop/retreat for women who desire to deepen their relationship with God. Sadly, I hear many women say they believe in their head that God loves them but don’t truly believe it in their hearts. The spiritual practices presented will allow heart felt love and transformation from our gracious and loving God.

     Participants will be able to share in a safe, confidential small closed group  while developing awareness of how spiritual practices may impact their lives and well-being. Some of these practices are: silent meditation, Biblical understandings, various prayers and personal reflections to encourage self-awareness and openness to God’s loving relationship. As intimacy deepens and healing occurs, one is able to experience more freedom and the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.


     This program is divided into two parts each being about 6 sessions. Part one will include topics such as experiencing more of God’s love, trusting God, practicing gratitude, and how to have more joy and peace in your life. Upon completion, you may decide to continue with Part Two. This consists of teachings on common blocks to deepening our relationship with God such as: overreacting in anger, unhealthy fear, worry, anxiety, and control. You will also receive tools on how to have healthier relationships and the process of forgiveness.


     Here are testimonies of women who have participated in this group. They have given me permission to share and ask I change their real name.


“I love the small group size. We were all were able to share and learn from one another. By being in this group, I know am not the only wounded person in this world. This group has taught me to examine what I am doing. The spiritual practices and reflection questions have validated what I have been doing in therapy. I am able to allow God more control and believe what He thinks of me is important, not what the world says. God has taught me how to let go of worrying and depend on His help.”  Erica


“I have struggled with Daddy issues. The “TRUST” prayer model I learned was great. I was able to feel God’s compassion for me when I did this and the meditations at home. I feel I have a more connected and responsive relationship with God. This is so true after doing the exercise where I asked God why He allowed difficult things to happen to me. I learned how to express my anger with Him freely. I don’t feel judged by God anymore. I experience Him as more loving and compassionate, unlike my earthly father.”  Mary


“I loved the safety of the group and that I was able to share freely without hesitation. Although it was hard, I appreciated us talking about sexuality, as God has created this part of us and most church groups don’t want to talk about it. I was grateful to hear the struggles of other women in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental place. I see myself now through God’s eyes as His Beloved. I am able to have a conversation with Him just as I would a friend. My relationship with God has grown from being in this group. I feel Him holding my hand most of the time. “  Cara